Why You Should Avoid Lowes Gutters & Home Depot Gutters

Are Lowes Gutters or Home Depot Gutters Cheaper?

So, you need Rain Gutters on your house and want to go with an established company that you’re familiar with. Since Rain Gutters are such a niche industry, many roofers don’t provide the service. This is because it is so easy to mess up a Rain Gutter Installation. Most people also assume since that Lowes and Home Depot are operating within economies and scale, they are also cheaper.

This certainly is NOT the case. When you reach out for Home Depot Gutters or Lowes gutters, you’re simply signing up to have a middleman that not only rips off the contractor, but the customers as well.

Are Home Depot contractors usually more expensive than hiring a handyman?

A handyman is always going to be the cheapest option when it comes to working on your home. So, if you want to save money, this is the way to go. However, installation of a gutter system that will last you 30 years or more (in addition to the added curb appeal of using seamless aluminum), you’re going to need a proper gutter contractor.

This is because a $15,000+ machine is required to custom build the seamless gutters to your house. That’s why most people choose to go with companies like ours, since we have several gutter machines and styles of gutter available for our clients to choose from.

Lowes Rain Gutters Cost: How much does Lowes charge to install gutters?

Price matching is a common practice for us, as we’re always willing to provide more value than our competitors at a better price. In the process of doing this, we’ve seen bids that are typically 35% more than ours. Must be that cut Lowe’s is taking huh?

Home Depot Gutters Cost: How much does Home Depot charge to install gutters?

Home Depot is no better than Lowes when it comes to cost. We’re not sure if Home Depot has lower standards or what, but we’ve had to clean up after shoddy Home Depot contractor work on more than one occasion. Not suprising, if you saw the payouts the contractors are getting once it’s all said and done. Additionally, it’s not the contractor they are subbing out who’s reputation is at stake. So what do they care?

How would I complain to Home Depot or Lowes?

If you still aren’t convinced that either Home Depot gutters or Lowe’s gutters are not for you, this should be the final nail in the coffin. Ever had to contact a large corporate call center based in India? What a nightmare. If anything goes wrong, just know that we may have to be the next call you make instead.

Do Contractors Use Home Depot?

Any contractor worth his salt would never use Home Depot. Why add a greedy corporate middleman into the transaction? Doing so only adds hassle and extra cost.

Why You Should Avoid Lowes Rain Gutters & Home Depot Rain Gutters

In a nutshell, their pricing, customer service, and quality of work leave much to be desired. If you are insistent on using either company, it’s highly recommended to get multiple bids. That way you can compare apples to apples, at which point, making a decision should be a no brainer.

Is Home Depot & Lowes Home Services A Scam?

Calling their Home Services a scam would be a bit extreme. However, we know well that customers are sold short regularly, and the contractors that Home Depot and Lowes sub out the work to are certainly getting screwed every time. The only reason most contractors work with them is due to a lack of other business coming in, so support your local business instead of the corporate bigwigs!

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